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 Im back? :0 Ex-Admin Napalm.

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Im back? :0 Ex-Admin Napalm. Empty
PostSubject: Im back? :0 Ex-Admin Napalm.   Im back? :0 Ex-Admin Napalm. Icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2012 3:55 pm

Hey guys. Idk if you remember me or not but im an old admin from the old client. Back when clients were 317. I've got proof if you dont beleive me. But anyway i was good friends with a lot of you. Singh23, I knew an admin named Kano. Dereck Rose was a moderator. Etc. Ive noticed that the last post was back in feburary. But anyway. Sorry for leaving years ago, completely forgot about this server (although always had it in mind) i thought you were down for good. But anyway, the client link is broken. Mediafire says its been removed. Hope its fixed soon if anyone sees this Smile Oh Btw. proof i was around when server was original :
<-- I did a part 1 and 2 review. those are the links Smile

Hope someone reads this.

-Edit- Apparently i cant post links. But i will soon
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Im back? :0 Ex-Admin Napalm.
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